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About School Governance

If you’re a school leader or school staff member who needs to stay on top of running a safe and compliant school, whilst also focusing on teaching, learning and caring for staff and students, then School Governance has you covered.

What is School Governance?

Published by Ideagen, School Governance is the Australian school sector’s leading news and information source on issues related to governance, risk management, compliance and policy management.

It’s a fortnightly newsletter and searchable reference site dedicated to providing unbiased news relating to the management of schools. Articles are written by the Ideagen Editorial team and guest authors from the Australian school sector.

What our readers say: 

“It pulls together compliance issues in one place.”

School Governance 2024
Ideagen help the safe hands that protect organisations to minimize risk, strengthen compliance and keep people safe. CompliSpace is Ideagen's SaaS enabled solution helping organisations in highly regulated industries, including over 850 schools across Australia to meet their governance, risk, compliance and policy management obligations.

What makes us different is we monitor over 200 sources of legal and regulatory change to ensure our customers have the updated policies and tools they need to meet new requirements and to bring policies to life in their community. We share that knowledge with the broader Education community through School Governance.

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