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Keeping the Safety Net Intact: Child Protection in a Remote Learning Environment

Schools are one of the main safety nets for children in relation to abuse and neglect. This is evidenced by the fact that school personnel are responsible for almost 20 per cent of all notifications to child welfare ...

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Online Learning: Is Your School Ready to Engage?

There are many pedagogical and other considerations, in addition to the IT requirements and dealing with the risks associated with a fully online curriculum delivery that schools need to be aware of in order to ...

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Survey: Impact of COVID-19 on Staff Professional Development

Student learning isn’t the only learning affected by COVID-19. Staff professional development (PD) has been affected as well.  In a time where face-to-face events are cancelled and in-house programs need to be delivered ...

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Weekly Wrap

The Weekly Wrap is a summary of relevant articles from a variety of sources from the past week, both here in Australia and around the World.

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