November 2: School Governance Weekly Wrap


NSW Magistrate charged with child sex offences

ABC News reported that a NSW Magistrate was being charged with nine counts of indecently assaulting a teenager during the 1980s.  The alleged assaults took place on at least nine occasions between 1981 and 1983.  Detectives from the Sex Crimes Squad began investigating in 2014 and this week charged the NSW Magistrate.

‘Touchy-feely’ NSW teacher found not guilty of sex offences against young students

According to the Daily Telegraph, a NSW teacher has been found not guilty of sex offences against young students. The teacher, who cannot be named for legal reasons, pleaded not guilty to charges involving 17 students at a school in 2014 and 2015. The NSW District Court Judge found the teacher not guilty of all count as he could not satisfy that the teacher touched or attempted to touch the students for his own sexual gratification.

Students swap Schoolies Week for Mt Everest Base Camp

The Herald Sun reported about a Victorian school opting out of schoolies, instead trekking to the Mt Everest Base Camp in Nepal. This “schoolies alternative” trip has been running for the last five years. The school’s principal, who accompanies the students on the 21-day experience, says it is an inspirational way to transition from Year 12 into the real world.

29-year-old woman posed as teenager, enrolled in Sydney school

The Sydney Morning Herald reported about a 29-year-old woman posing as a 13-year-old girl and enrolling in a high school in Sydney’s inner western suburbs pleading guilty to dishonesty and fraud charges.  When the school asked for identification, the woman said that she was under the US Government’s Witness Protection program. The woman even produced a birth certificate from San Francisco, California. In May 2017, NSW Police found out the 29-year-old woman was a serial conwoman who had a history of posing as a vulnerable teenager around Australia, Canada and Ireland. The 29-year-old woman pleaded guilty to four charges of dishonestly obtaining financial advantage by deception, for the education, counselling, food, accommodation and electronics she was given while posing as a schoolgirl.

Perth teacher who dubbed student ‘ponytail princess’ has registration cancelled

According to ABC News, a Perth non-government school teacher has had his registration cancelled after admitting to misconduct between him and a student.  It was alleged that the teacher had been giving preferential treatment to a 15-year-old student and the behaviour routinely included giving the teenager lunch money, discussing his wife’s breast cancer treatment and giving her the nickname “ponytail princess.”

Chinese high school students bashed in Canberra, teens face court

The Canberra Times reported about how two teenagers have faced court after allegedly assaulting three Chinese international high school students at a Canberra bus stop. According to friends of the international students, the teenagers approached asking for cigarettes.  When the international students declined, they were allegedly attacked by the teenagers and suffered serious injuries.  ACT Education said they was very concerned about the assault, and the education directorate had spoken directly with all students involved.

Perth Modern School principal under pressure after board declares no confidence

ABC News wrote about a principal of WA’s only fully academic selective school, being under pressure to keep her job after two-thirds of the school’s board called for her dismissal.  Ten of the 15 board members have sent a letter to the Director-General of Education stating they have lost confidence in the school’s principal.



Japan: A Japanese school is actually making some students dye their hair, and it’s led to a lawsuit

Forbes wrote about how a student is suing her government school for mental anguish and other damages because they repeatedly forced her to dye her naturally brown hair to black.  The student is suing for 2.2 million yen in compensation.  Apparently, the school told the student to dye her hair every two weeks and then ordered her to further dye her hair every four days, causing damage to her scalp and hair, causing her to have rashes and suffer mental anguish.

Canada: Crowdfunded public school programs fuel controversy

According to CBC News, some Canadian teachers in the province of British Columbia have resorted to crowdfunding so their classrooms can have access to educational equipment and resources to further students’ education.  However, British Columbia Teachers Federation believes that crowdfunding is a step in the wrong direction as it is just furthering an inequitable learning experience for students in the province.

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