May 11: School Governance weekly school wrap


Syndal South Primary School turns away Richmond players from footy clinic for not having Working With Children Checks

According to Fox Sports, a school in Melbourne’s south eastern suburbs, turned away four Richmond Football Club players ahead of a school football clinic for not having Working With Children Checks.  The AFL players did not need the Working With Children Checks until 1 August 2017.

Schools hit list revealed: online tool shows Gonski 2.0 winners and losers

The Guardian reported on 24 non-government schools in Canberra, Sydney and Brisbane being part of a “hit list” whose funding will be cut in the next four years.  The federal government released an online estimator to show which schools will be receiving funding over the next 10 years.

Teachers encouraged to head to rural and regional Queensland for better opportunities

ABC News reported about principals and recruiters from around Queensland setting up a recruitment drive at the Teach Rural Career Fair in Brisbane, to talk up opportunities for potential staff currently based in the cities. Across Australia, teaching vacancies in rural areas continues to cause headaches for schools, while an increase in graduate numbers have led for calls for more teachers to take up positions in rural areas.

High alert after student escapes kidnap attempt — hood placed over their head

The Daily Telegraph reported about someone trying to abduct a school student by placing a hood over their head and the following day, in what was believed to be a separate incident, another child was approached.  The school circulated a note to parents and the school community to inform them about the incidents.


USA: Silicon Valley billionaires are appalled by normal schools – so they created a new one

Business Insider wrote about how the Silicon Valley is revamping the way children learn.  AltSchool, the brainchild of a former Google executive, Max Ventilla, merges traditional education with high tech learning.  AltSchool has funded itself like a start-up, raising $170 million from investors like Mark Zuckerberg and Peter Thiel.

USA: Star Wars outfit prompts school evacuation

According to, a student dressed a Stormtrooper outfit, from Star Wars, prompted a high school in Ashwaubenon, Wisconsin to be evacuated after a frightened parent saw the student enter the back door of a school.  Ashwaubenon Police stated said that the parent did the right thing, given the suspicious situation and any perceived threat, real or otherwise, cannot be taken lightly.  School officials said they will re-emphasise to districts no-costume policy.

USA: Real-life ‘Breaking Bad?’ Former New Mexico chemistry teacher pleads guilty to cooking meth

Global News reported a chemistry teacher being charged with manufacturing methamphetamines, in a case which bares similarities to the hit TV show Breaking Bad.  According to investigators, the chemistry teacher was in possession of enough chemicals to make a pound of methamphetamines with an estimated street value of $45,000.

New Zealand: Lawyer accused of ‘vendetta’ against Nelson College headmaster

According to, a lawyer has been trespassed from Nelson College board meetings and accused of waging a “vendetta” against the headmaster in an attempt to force his resignation.  The lawyer is challenging the trespass notice in New Zealand’s High Court and says there is no truth in the claim that he is pursuing a vendetta against the headmaster’s allegation.  The lawyer is also the brother of a former teacher of the school who was unjustifiably dismissed.

New Zealand: Boys expelled from top school for assaulting student

According to the New Zealand Herald, three students have been expelled from a Auckland school after a hazing incident during a school sports tournament.  The assault allegedly involved a young team member being burnt with an iron by some older team-mates as part of an initiation ritual.

India: Hundreds of students hospitalised in India

Sky News reported about how at least 200 students at a New Dehli government school being taken to hospital after a chemical leak from a container depot, adjacent to their school.  Due to the leak children were complaining of irritation to their eyes and throats.  After hearing complaints, authorities evacuated the school and sent students to hospital.

Canada: Ontario legislators debating school bus cameras but govt not ready to commit

CTV news reported about Ontario legislators debating whether or not to use cameras on school buses to ticket drivers illegally passing school buses while children get on and off.  The government is not ready to commit until further study is completed.  Local bus companies are calling for the provincial government to pass legislation that will enable video from cameras mounted on outside of the school buses to be admitted as evidence in court, without a witness to back up any footage or claims made.

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