Concussed kids not receiving proper treatment

Around 40% of children who get concussed on the sports field are not receiving the correct treatment, according to new research.

A study of 90 of an estimated 300 children who had admitted to Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital’s emergency department for sports-related head injuries over six months found 27% had not been immediately assessed by qualified personnel and 28% were allowed to return to play on the day of their injury.

The study found around the 40% of children with sports-related head injuries were not given the proper treatment.

The Age newspaper has reported that most of the children who had been admitted to the emergency department (aged between 5 and 18) had reported at least one symptom of concussion. This included loss of consciousness (38%), disorientation (34%), vomiting (20%), amnesia (29%) and headache (49%).

“The reason the return-to-play guidelines are so important is if the child returns to sport too early their reaction times and ability to participate won’t be as good and they are at risk of getting a second injury,” said the author of the research, Harini Haran, a final-year medical student at Monash University.

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