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What originally started off as a blog, has evolved into a website and weekly newsletter dedicated to providing unbiased news, informed analysis and general information on governance, risk and compliance (GRC) issues affecting schools in Australia and New Zealand.

Anyone who is involved in the management of schools understands only too well the ever increasing demands being imposed on schools, their boards, executive management teams and teaching staff to ensure the highest standards of governance and compliance.

Policy maintenance, human resources, staff training, workplace safety, student care obligations, excursion management, critical incident response procedures and the new Privacy Laws commencing in March 2014  – the list of issues is nearly endless and the management challenges are immense.

This site, which will be accompanied with a free weekly newsletter, aims to be a forum where these issues can be explored in detail, explained in plain English and discussed with our readers.

We do not purport to be the fountain of all knowledge on issues related to school governance and are actively seeking contributions from school governors, executives, regulators, industry associations, lawyers, auditors, insurers and other professionals.

Let us know what you think. We welcome your input, contributions and feedback.


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