Playground Risk

Mudslides, Saws and Metal Slippery Dips: Should Schools Bring Risk Back into the Playground?

Studies show that risk-taking is key to a child’s development, which has caused a growing global movement seeking to introduce controlled risks into the playtime of children. But with the ever-present risk aversion when it comes to child injuries, and the growing compliance burden placed on educators, Australian schools may feel they are not in a position to introduce ‘risky playgrounds’.


Students Sending Nudes: The Tension Between Online Offences, A Teacher’s Legal Duties and Reasonableness

Online offences are a challenging everyday issue for most teachers around Australia. In particular, sexting (or sending nudes, as it is more commonly referred to by students) has become an increasing problem as society normalises the practice while the law criminalises it in most circumstances for children. This creates a tension, forcing schools and teachers to navigate a fine line between complying with the law, upholding their duty of care and wanting to be reasonable in reporting an offence involving their students.


New Draft Victorian Information Sharing Regulations – Supporting the Child Information Sharing Scheme

New draft Victorian Information Sharing Regulations (the Regulations) have been released to support the establishment of the Child Information Sharing (CIS) Scheme. The new CIS Scheme responds to recommendations from the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse (the Royal Commission), and supports the operation of the Children Legislation Amendment (Information Sharing) Act 2018 (the Act).


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July 24: School Governance weekly news wrap

Australia Directors of collapsed Mowbray College pursued in court action.  35 directors of Mowbray College, which collapsed in 2012, are being pursued by the liquidators of the school. According to the Sun Herald, families who paid fees are still awaiting money owed to them. The liquidators have initiated a court […]


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