Don’t jump at shadows – back your culture

Author: Dr Alec O’Connell, Headmaster of Scotch College, Western Australia. I recently presented to a group of CEOs of Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) regarding the challenges facing schools in the current economic environment. While one may be tempted to articulate some highbrow intellectual discourse on economics and cost controls, I simply spoke […]


Making water safety mandatory: Will schools sink or swim?

Today’s calendar arrival of summer appropriately coincides with the arrival of many weeks dedicated to water safety. Dampening a celebration of water safety From the 21st-27th of November, aquatic and leisure centres around the country celebrated National SwimSAFER Week, and we are currently approaching the end of Water Safety Week in Victoria (also celebrated […]


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July 24: School Governance weekly news wrap

Australia Directors of collapsed Mowbray College pursued in court action.  35 directors of Mowbray College, which collapsed in 2012, are being pursued by the liquidators of the school. According to the Sun Herald, families who paid fees are still awaiting money owed to them. The liquidators have initiated a court […]


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