Bullying, School Liability and the Relationship with Student Wellbeing and Learning

Bullying is no longer confined to the school premises before the final bell of the day rings. Since the internet is everywhere, we have entered a new frontier where bullying has the potential to happen anywhere at any time in the form of cyberbullying. A new report released by the Federal Government in November 2018 has found that bullying severely affects the learning and wellbeing of students, particularly young students in primary school.


The Cost of Being Compliant is Minimal Compared to the Costs of Being Caught Out!

For many organisations, especially those in highly regulated industries such as financial services, education and healthcare, ensuring compliance with a growing number of government and industry regulations can be a nuisance and a drain on already strained resources. However, the costs of not complying can be extremely steep. Recent research indicates that failures to comply have become more costly than ever for schools, far exceeding the costs of compliance. In other words, it makes good business sense to ensure compliance with all relevant regulations.


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