Falling tree branch injures two in Victoria: a reminder to schools about Tree Management

A falling tree branch has injured two people on the grounds of a school at Bendigo North, in central Victoria when the branch came down on the school’s basketball court. It serves as a timely reminder for schools of the importance of an effective tree management policy, including regular inspections and recommendations […]


Transgender Teachers: A teacher is a teacher. Does gender really matter?

In response to this question, the answer is probably ‘yes’ in some circumstances but ‘no’ in most circumstances. ‘Transgender’ is used as an umbrella term to refer to a person whose gender identity is different to the physical sex assigned to them at birth (definition taken from this Victorian Equal Opportunity […]


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July 24: School Governance weekly news wrap

Australia Directors of collapsed Mowbray College pursued in court action.  35 directors of Mowbray College, which collapsed in 2012, are being pursued by the liquidators of the school. According to the Sun Herald, families who paid fees are still awaiting money owed to them. The liquidators have initiated a court […]


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