Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise Risk in Schools (Part One)

School staff often do not see the value in enterprise risk management (ERM) as their experience of undertaking risk assessments has been coloured by having to use the Work Health and Safety – type methodology. When schools do turn their attention to ERM and developing an enterprise risk register there is potential for a lot of ‘baggage’. This two part series explores ERM in a school context, why it is important and some key concepts and suggestions to make it easier to understand and implement.


Preventing Child Abuse in Recreation Activities: Scouts Australia and the Recommendations of the Royal Commission

Scouts Australia, the lead representative organisation for all state and territory Scout Associations, has been subject to two case studies from the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse (Royal Commission). As a large, national sporting and recreational body, Scouts Australia’s response to the Royal Commission is an interesting template for other organisations who have interstate obligations.


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