Teacher induction- is orientation enough?

No two teacher induction programs are exactly alike. It is obvious that any teacher induction program should be specifically developed to cater for the cultural needs of the school and should also be tailored to meet the needs of the new teacher. According to Breaux and Wong, several common components underlie the most […]


Landmark findings on anaphylaxis: Are your students protected?

Anaphylaxis research: new understanding With the recent release of two high-profile publications, Australia’s understanding of anaphylaxis – acute allergic reactions – is becoming more sophisticated. The first publication is of new clinical guidelines by the American National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, based on landmark research finding that early exposure to peanut-containing foods […]


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July 24: School Governance weekly news wrap

Australia Directors of collapsed Mowbray College pursued in court action.  35 directors of Mowbray College, which collapsed in 2012, are being pursued by the liquidators of the school. According to the Sun Herald, families who paid fees are still awaiting money owed to them. The liquidators have initiated a court […]


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