Cyber Attack

Cyber Attacks in Schools Surge as OAIC Releases Third Quarter Notifiable Data Breach Report

Recent international media reports have highlighted a significant increase in cyber attacks against schools, with six schools in New Zealand having their websites targeted in the first week of the term. However, this does not seem to be isolated to overseas incidents, with the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) releasing their Third Quarter Notifiable Data Breach Report (OAIC Report) showing an increase in data breaches with 57 per cent attributed to malicious or criminal attacks, similar to the ones described in New Zealand.


The Australian Student Wellbeing Framework: Safe, Supported, Included and Connected

On 19 October 2018, the Federal Minister for Education launched the Australian Student Wellbeing Framework (Wellbeing Framework). Following extensive consultation and review in 2017, the Wellbeing Framework focuses on contemporary issues facing Australian school communities and identifies ways to support schools to build learning environments where students feel safe, supported, included and connected. The Wellbeing Framework is also committed to improving educational outcomes for all Australian students and recognises that children do better when respectful relationships are developed and maintained between home and school.


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