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Spate of Rugby Neck/Spine Injuries: Are Students Safe to Play?

A 15-year-old school student suffered serious neck injuries while participating in a rugby game as part of Saturday sport at a Queensland school. The school is liaising with Rugby Australia, the Queensland Rugby Union and the Great Public School Association of Queensland (GPS) to review medical and match day procedures, and support initiatives to review […]


Around the World

August 2: School Governance Weekly Wrap

AUSTRALIA Payout for young woman after school ignored request to repeat year 10 The Age has reported that a young woman from Victoria’s west recently won a payout from the Victorian Education Department after her family’s pleas to let her repeat Year 10 were ignored. The now 18-year-old, who has a […]


July 26: School Governance Weekly Wrap

AUSTRALIA Abuse survivors alarmed over information sharing with institutions who abused them under National Redress Scheme According to ABC News, survivors of child sexual abuse in Australia’s churches and institutions are alarmed over a clause in the National Redress Scheme that would force them to hand over sensitive personal details to […]


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