Top 10 Most Read School Governance Articles for 2018

It’s been a busy year for non-government schools with the release of the Royal Commission recommendations, the release of the Notifiable Data Breach, updating risk standards, a new ESOS Code and so much more.

Following are the Top 10 Most Read Articles from School Governance in the 2018 school year.


1. The Updated International Risk Management Standard ISO 31000 – The Changes You Need to Know About

On 15 February 2018, a new risk management standard was released. ISO 31000:2018 is shorter, clearer and more concise, but is still considered best practice for implementing risk management systems.


Privacy Breach

2. New Data Breach Privacy Laws in Effect – What Does This Mean for Schools?

Today marks the commencement of the Notifiable Data Breach Scheme under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). As most non-government schools are subject to the Privacy Act obligations, they must ensure they understand their new data breach obligations.


Image-Based Abuse

3. Students Sending Nudes: One School’s Response to Cyber Wellbeing

Loreto College, in Ballarat, is the first school in Australia to put their students through a new program about the dangers of image-based bullying. The school developed the program in conjunction with the Alannah and Madeline Foundation in response to statistics indicating a “staggering increase” in sexting complaints involving teenage girls.


Legal Reform

4. NSW Court Case Prompts Urgent Work to Close Dangerous Child Sexual Abuse Loophole

A controversial NSW criminal court case which ruled that a teacher who had sex with a 17-year-old student was not guilty of a criminal offence has revealed a bizarre loophole in the Crimes Act that the NSW Government is scrambling to plug.



5. Adrenaline (Epinephrine) Autoinjectors and What School Staff Need to Know

Adrenaline ampoules and syringes are not suitable for community settings, including schools.



Social Media

6. Reputation Risk for Schools in the Age of Social Media

Risk management is inherent in the school sector, however, reputation is often regarded as an intangible business asset and one that is difficult to quantify as part of risk management. Not anymore in the age of social media where brand and reputation can be made or destroyed in a matter of minutes, and can directly affect a school’s funding, enrolments and teaching staff.



7. Compliance Checks Loom for Schools with Overseas Students

The new 2018 ESOS National Code is now in effect and full compliance is required of schools with overseas students



Student Rugby

8. Spate of Rugby Neck/Spine Injuries: Are Students Safe to Play?

A 15-year-old school student suffered serious neck injuries while participating in a rugby game as part of Saturday sport at a Queensland school.



Permission Slip

9. Effective Permission Slips: Part One

Every school probably has a room somewhere where boxes of permission slips are stored. Unfortunately in most instances the box probably doesn’t contain the information that was on the rest of the note that went home which set out what the activity was and what the parent had agreed to.



10. Armani, Socks and Shoe Heels – Why School Uniforms Continue to Attract Debate

Every year as children prepare themselves for their year at school, the issue of school uniforms rears its ugly head. Recently, debate has shifted from altering school uniform policies to accommodate student comfort. How strictly a school applies its policy and whether or not a school should have a uniform at all, are now issues for debate.


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