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If you’re a school leader or school staff member who needs to stay on top of running a safe and compliant school, whilst also focusing on teaching, learning and caring for staff and students, then School Governance has you covered.

“School Governance is timely and relevant to independent schools and our increasingly onerous compliance requirements.”

What is School Governance?

School Governance is the Australian school sector’s leading news and information source on issues related to governance, risk management, compliance and policy management.

It’s a weekly newsletter and searchable reference site – www.schoolgovernance.net.au – dedicated to providing unbiased news and being a forum for the discussion of topics that relate to the management of schools.

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“It pulls together compliance issues in one place.”

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School Governance is published each Thursday during the school year.

It includes

  • Three feature articles about timely topics
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What our Subscribers Say

We recently asked our subscribers for feedback on School Governance. They said:

“Relevant and pressing issues for schools in modern times”

“Up-to-date information based on real events”

“Collection of timely and relevant articles all in one place at one time. Good coverage of “hot topics” with relevant commentary and links to resources for more information.”

“Directly relevant to my responsibilities and gives good examples that I can forward to colleagues to provide them with an idea of the importance of their responsibilities”.

“Articles are specific to schools; industry happenings are summarised and discussed insightfully. This gives a good backdrop to consider the relevance to a particular school.”


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School Governance is published by CompliSpace Media. Articles are written by the CompliSpace editorial team and guest authors from the school sector.

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