Photographing and Filming Students: Is Your School Getting it Right?

Photographing or filming students at school or at weekend sport has become a highly sensitive issue. With the rise in online abuse such as sexting and cyber bullying, schools have been required to rethink and reinforce protections for their students online, including the consent of students and their parents when taking photographs or producing videos at school events. But has your school maintained the right balance between privacy and common sense when photographing and filming students?


School Violence: The Delicate Balance Between Staff Safety and Student Duty of Care (Part One)

This is the first part of a two part series exploring violence in schools. Part One focuses on violence against principals and teachers, and the results of the Principal Wellbeing Survey 2017. Part Two will focus on violence perpetrated by parents and students and how discipline and behaviour management policies impact a school’s reaction.

After the recent stabbing of a student at an Adelaide school and a wild brawl resulting in a broken jaw outside a school in Western Australia, schools would be forgiven for thinking that the current rise in violence is out of control. Most schools, however, are safe environments and shape young people’s positive development. But there is a fine line to walk between principal, staff and school community safety and balancing the duty of care to students.


‘The Practical Perspective’: Addressing Common Challenges in Practically Managing Overseas Students

The new National Code of Practice for Providers of Education and Training to Overseas Students 2018 (the 2018 Code) is well in effect now after commencing on 1 January 2018. Many schools are now preparing to go through CRICOS re-registration and are considering the practical application of key additions or amendments to the Code. School […]